DONE! is a lifestyle brand for backpacks, bags and accessories. The distinctive feature of the brand is the continuous search for balance in design, function and style. Its primary source of inspiration comes from people. This brand is closely connected to the cultural context in which it is positioned and to contemporary lifestyles.

All the products are made of recycled waterproof nylon making sure the needs of its target are met without distinction from east to west.

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For DONE!, the icon of the backpack is not just a product capable of responding to the functionality of the urban routine.
The brand, through its products, aims to make the present more carefree, more fun.

The purpose is to eliminate the sense of dissatisfaction, which comes either from lack of some product details or lack of daily stimuli.

Research phase +

The research phase concentrated on observing people, paying attention to their habits and trying to anticipate their needs. Placing importance on the present and contemporaneity in a sustainable and gentile manner.

Functionality +

East+West is more than a backpack. It adapts to hectic life, becoming a handbag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag and a carry-on bag. The various options to carry and wear the bag are for DONE! An element of particular attention; the goal is to be a convenient life companion, at every moment.

Products +

We create products that accompany you in life every day with style, functionality and optimism; that allow you to fully enjoy the present, by minimising hassle and boredom. Useful for every task during the week and capable of entertaining you during the weekend.


DONE! launched, from the get-go, a collaboration with Save the Planet, the non-profit association committed to the principles of sustainability, solidarity and responsible innovation. The shared goal is to reverse the course of the climate emergency and the environmental crisis.

Both recognise the importance of communities that are aware and closely knit in leading this change. Through support in educational programmes and training initiatives, DONE! and Save the Planet promote a sense of responsibility at the origin and encourage real steps toward a more sustainable future. Education is recognised by everyone as a catalyst for change.

DONE! aims to ensure that future generations become the guardians of the environment and has chosen to promote this with the creation of interactive spaces and providing practical tools for a sustainable lifestyle.

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