<b>WAYS OF USE</b>
<li>Shoulder Bag</li>
<li>Cross body bag</li>
<li>Hand bag</li>
<li>Luggage Sleeve</li></ul>
The upper lid has two rubber applications through which a ribbon passes, creating loading straps for carrying yoga mats, jackets, etc.
It has an “on top access”, which opens on all three sides. The zip is coated and waterproof.
On the sides it has two pockets with elastic cords that can hold bottles/umbrellas.
The backpack is entirely lined with orange-coloured nylon for visibility reasons.
<li>13 computer compartment</li>
<li>mesh pocket with a key ring inside;</li>
<li>removable pouch (it can be used as a beauty case, document holder, etc.)</li>
100% recycled polyester
<b>ON THE BACK</b><br>
The back panel is lightly padded for extra comfort.<br>
The shoulder straps are completely removable.<br>
There is also a luggage sleeve and a pocket on the lower left side.<br>

<b>COMPOSITION:</b> <br>
100% recycled and waterproof nylon